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Solutions for Last Mile Delivery / Bus Depots / Car Rental / Taxis

With governmental policy growing across Europe to restrict the use of internal combustion engine vehicles in urban areas, converting your fleet to electric will future-proof your business and is financially viable from a TCO perspective. With an existing customer base of over 10,000 locations in this market segment across 29 countries, TSG holds a unique position in the market in which we can assist you in making the gradual transition from traditional fuels to electricity with our multi energy solutions.

Bus Depots

With reduced pollution (both noise and emissions), electric buses are becoming a popular answer to urban and public mobility challenges. By understanding your shift patterns, routing and daily distance, TSG can create an electrification solution bespoke to each your depots that ensures the gradual transition from fuel to electricity is manged in the optimum manner.

Last Mile Logistics

TSG Charge will work with you to design the ideal solution to enable your new fleet of vans to return to base and charge during set times. We can assist in providing intelligent solution such as Dynamic Load Management to help you control the electrical load on your property, especially as your fleet grows.

Car Rental

As you invest in an electric fleet for your customers to rent, you need an intelligent solution that allows you to manage both your existing and your new fleet’s fueling needs. Consideration also needs to be taken on the solution provided to the end customer, the driver. Where do they charge? How do they charge? TSG has the answers to these questions to facilitate your transition to EV.

Taxi Fleets

Improve your taxi drivers’ working experience with smoother driving, less noise, more technology and happier customers – Go Electric! TSG will work with you to understand shift patterns, your fleet of vehicles and their specific charging requirements to ensure your taxi fleet is available at all times.

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