Energising the Office!

Charging solutions for the Workplace

Enabling an electric future for your workplace

As demand for electric vehicles increases and the more people that go electric, the higher the demand for will be for charging infrastructure. As a business owner, it is crucial to offer charging facilities at the workplace for both your employees and your visitors and here is why:

Encourage EV Adoption

By installing charging infrastructure at work, you can encourage your staff to make the switch to an EV and take a greener approach to commuting in the morning. Leaving with a fully topped up vehicle, alleviates the potential home or on street charging difficulties overnight

Attract and Retain Talent

By providing charging points at the workplace, you show your support for electric mobility and clean transportation, and you’ll be able attract a new breed of talent that has a passion for purpose-driven companies.

Sustainable identity

By offering charging points to both staff and guests, you can showcase your commitment to building a greener future. With smart charging solutions provided by TSG, you can build a billing portfolio for your EV drivers to ensure that all energy is tracked and invoiced accordingly.

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